The Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu is manifestly dedicated to the growth of technological education and, because of its hybrid nature, promotes the core academic and social values needed to produce highly qualified graduates who possess the capabilities required to best serve humankind in science, technology, management, finance and creative arts.

  • To present to all who seek higher education, a well-grounded technological institution that collaborates with similar national organizations to drive the technological growth of Nigeria.
  • To produce self-motivated, innovative and creative graduates who possess the training and skills needed to turn the wheels of industry; raise the bar in management and finance; and expand the frontiers, technology and creative arts at all levels.
  • To equip our graduates with the virtues of tenacious hard work, diligence and sound ethical conduct that will enable them to complete and succeed in the open markets place of skills and professional competence.
  • To serve as a reference point in the area of quality technological education; building of viable careers; transformation of lives; impartation of quality education; creation of rewarding opportunities for staff and students; and the raising of aspirations through socially responsible agenda.